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Listing ID #7 print


86 Forest Avenue
Glen Cove, NY 11542

Ron Koenigsberg
(516) 393-2300


Listing Info

Price:$ 1,220,600

Property type:Retail

Subtype:Free Standing Building


Property Info

Building Size: 5,690 s/f


Property Description

- Newly renovated - 2 buildings on lot 2 story building with elevator + building in rear
- 23 parking spaces
- In the heart of Glen Cove' s business district; Great exposure
- Tenants pay for snow removal, all utilities, tax increases above base year
- 5 year initial leases all tenants want to stay

Location Description

- Located in the heart of Glen Cove's financial district
- Close to the L.I.E. and Northern State Parkway
- Great exposure on high traffic street


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