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Upgrade your data center and reduce energy costs


Data centers - from small server closets to whole-building colocation facilities - represent a huge opportunity for businesses to capitalize on energy savings. Because data centers and IT infrastructure are highly concentrated within office layouts, and because of the high energy intensity of mission-critical computing equipment, these types of projects are excellent candidates for energy efficiency upgrades.

New York City has one of the largest concentrations of data centers in the nation, and customers in the Con Edison service territory can take advantage of a specialized Data Center Energy Efficiency Incentive Program. This program helps Con Edison commercial & industrial customers to increase the operational efficiency of their IT assets, with the goal of improving productivity, lowering energy costs, and reducing environmental impacts.

The Con Edison Data Center Efficiency Program can provide incentives for innovative projects that result in reduced energy usage, on a performance-based scale. Business owners in New York City can receive incentives for almost any type of efficiency upgrade that significantly reduces the energy intensity of their IT operations. IT-based strategies include server virtualization and consolidation, server refresh, PC power management, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) upgrades. Airflow management strategies include replacement of computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units, and optimization of cooling equipment through VFDs, set points, and aisle configuration.

Customers taking advantage of IT upgrades can often achieve a cascade effect, where increased efficiency of data center equipment results in reduced cooling needs. This overall reduction in energy usage can help businesses save significantly on their long-term operational costs, and can result in short payback periods and a higher effective ROI for the project.

Data center customers have access to Con Edison's market partners, a network of reputable, experienced and knowledgeable energy experts who can help identify and implement energy efficiency solutions. These pre-approved and specially trained energy efficiency contractors, distributors and energy professionals can help customers identify the energy savings potential of their data center assets and related airflow systems.

The Con Edison green team has an energy efficiency program available for almost everyone. To learn more about the C&I program or to find out which program is right for you visit www.conEd.com/energysavings.

David Pospisil is program manager of Con Edison's commercial & industrial energy efficiency program, New York, N.Y.




David Pospisil, Con Edison