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Alcorn of RE/MAX Prestige: Four ways to REACH! for your dreams


At 41 years of age I am excited to say, I survived the most recent economic upheaval that everyone in real estate experienced over the past six years. Not only did I survive, I thrived. The obstacles of a down real estate market, a sky high unemployment rate, and political unrest like we've never experienced have meant opportunity galore for those that see uncertainty as a chance to build empires. The down market offered me tools, skills, and momentum to build a real estate firm with more than 280 associates and top 5 market share in the state. How'd I do it? It's a little something I like to call REACH!.

Here are four ways to reach for your dreams - no matter what the economic landscape looks like. I guarantee you that if I can do it, you can too. Here's how:

Clearly Defined Vision: To attain colossal success, you need a goal. If you have fuzzy goals, you get fuzzy results. Be crystal clear about what you want so you can create a plan for achieving the outcome. For me, my number one goal for the past six years was to be the number one real estate firm in Massachusetts. This might sound like a clear goal but it's not. I forced myself to define the goal further by defining what benchmarks I would have to meet in order to consider my firm number one. For example, closing more real estate transactions in the state than any other real estate firm while attaining a company culture that is second to none. This is my clear goal. Yours too must be crystal clear so that you can create an actionable plan to move forward toward the result you are seeking. As well, when you are clear, the universe works in your favor and momentum begins to snowball in your favor.

Network: There's never a "what" between you and your dreams. For example it's never money or a college degree that are holding you back. There is always a "who" between where you are and where you want to be. Who are the people that can assist you in achieving your dreams? Find the people who have gone before you and accomplished the feat you are after and interview them. When I was a small real estate firm with thirty agents, I traveled the country talking to broker owners who were bigger than me to find out their secrets. I spent time at other businesses too, like Zappos, to find out how they built a company culture that is second to none. Too many people concentrate on the things they DON'T have rather than spending time taking stock in their most powerful resource, which is the network of people who can assist them in bridging the gap between here and now and a clearly defined future.

Give: There were many days when the market could have knocked me down but I figured out a way to make sure it never did. Here's my method; I wake up every single day and ask myself, "Who can I help today?" This mentality has enabled me to always take my focus of me and my problems in order to leverage my time and resources to helping other people. Giving is about listening to someone who needs an ear. It's about helping someone financially who has fallen into a rut. It's about offering mentorship, motivation, and appreciation. Give, give, and give some more. Your mindset of giving keeps you in a positive mindset and creates colossal reach to networks you never even knew existed.

Read: I read for one hour every single day. It's time blocked into my schedule. I never, never, never delete this extremely important task from my agenda. I have learned from hundreds of the most amazing leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. I know what I am capable of because of Napoleon Hill. I have mastered networking with the assistance of Dale Carnegie. Walt Disney, Gary Vaynerchuk, Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, John F. Kennedy, Sonia Sotamayor, and Sheryl Sandberg all have sat on my un-official board of advisors because I had the opportunity to learn from them through books. Every book I read catapults my career to new and higher levels. This is because I don't just READ books, I DO them. I break down the lessons and apply them to my own businesses thereby creating a legacy with the help of those who have marched before me.

You can be, do, and have anything in the world you want. I believe it about me. I know it about you too. Create your Big Hairy Audacious Goal and REACH for it.

Stacey Alcorn, co-owner RE/MAX Prestige and creator of The REACH! Movement, Billerica, Mass.




Stacey Alcorn, RE/MAX Prestige